Is Blackjack Ballroom Fake, Legit or a Scam?

There are more online casinos available today than ever before. That's great news for game players as it means they can choose one that appeals to them, right? That's true to an extent, but unfortunately not all online casinos are what they seem to be, and not all offer a worry-free gaming experience.

You may be looking at the Blackjack Ballroom online casino and gaming site and wondering is Blackjack Ballroom fake, or is Blackjack Ballroom a scam? Don't worry, we've investigated this casino for you and can declare that it is a legit casino, and here's why:


Whether you're playing with real money, or simply playing for fun after inputting your personal details, security of cash and data is key. It's the one thing that is of most concern to casino users across the board, so we were pleased to see that Blackjack Ballroom takes security seriously. The site has a valid security certificate, and it is part of the huge Casino Rewards Group, which can be taken as a sign of reputation and reliability.

New Games and Game Rotation

One of the best things about Blackjack Ballroom is that they have a huge amount of games to choose from. Alongside blackjack, as you'd expect from the website name of course, and other traditional casino favourites such as roulette and poker, you'll also find the very latest slot machine games, including some based upon award winning movies and TV shows.

New games are being added all the time, but they don't appear until they have been thoroughly reviewed by Blackjack Ballroom staff; that means that if they find a game which has become defective or that isn't giving users a fair gaming experience, it's quickly removed from the site. That's the kind of proactive stance we always like to see, and it provides reassurance for those who use the casino too.

Rapid Payouts

Playing a game that you love at a legitimate online casino can be an enjoyable experience whatever the outcome, but of course it's a lot more fun when you win. One of the greatest feelings is cashing out your winnings and waiting for it to arrive back on your card or in your bank account, but some casinos make you wait and wait for this uplifting event.

Blackjack Ballroom won't make you wait for your money as they pay out within 48 hours, and the minimum payout is fifty dollars. That compares favourably with many of the online casinos we investigate, and we don't feel that this is too long to wait to enjoy that winning feeling.

Playing at Blackjack Ballroom casino can be a rewarding experience in more ways than one, and with a vast choice of traditional and modern games to choose from it rewards repeated visits, especially when you take into account the staggered bonuses that are on offer for those who sign up.

Even more importantly, it's a secure environment in which to register and play, and one that affords you peace of mind. For that reason, we have no hesitation in answering the question, ‘is Blackjack Ballroom legit?’ with a resounding, ‘yes’. Another review you may be interested in is Yukon Gold Casino.

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