Is Casino Action Fake, Legit or a Scam?

Casino Action is a brand managed by Apollo Entertainment Limited based in Malta providing gambling services to players based in the UK. Although it may have received its fair share of negative comments since it was first introduced to the online gambling market in 2004, it’s fair to say that negative opinions and remarks aren’t uncommon in the industry.

Since online casinos are held to such impeccable high standards, it’s difficult for a site to run for as long as Casino Action without any incident or being on the receiving end of negative press. However, what’s really important is how these are dealt with, and it’s clear to see that Casino Action are serious about providing the best experience. So, is Casino Action legit? Here are some reasons that make it so.


Casino Action constantly monitor their website and games to quickly identify any security issues, site problems, underage gambling and more. There have been very few security issues reported, all of which were dealt with promptly. There are various security protocols in place to protect your data and your funds, allowing you to play with peace of mind; players may be asked to verify their address by replying to a letter, and are asked to keep their registration details up to date.

All financial transactions are dealt with securely and you must use legitimate payment processors to deposit and withdraw funds. If the question on your mind was ‘is Casino Action a scam?’, hopefully this should put your mind at rest.

Game Software and Review Process

To provide the extensive selection of games on the site, Casino Action has partnered with Microgaming, one of the biggest and well-respected casino software providers in the world. For players worried about the quality of the games, this partnership should be a sure sign that there’s nothing to worry about.

Microgaming pride themselves on what they offer, and as a result, all games go through regular, extensive checks to ensure that they don’t have any hidden issues which could cause disappointment for players. In addition, anybody who does run into any problems with the casino’s services has access to a 24/7 support line, and you can be sure that your issue will be treated with the due care and attention that it deserves.

In addition, Casino Action is committed to keeping all its players happy in a fast-paced world, with games that work well on a range of different devices. On the rare occasion that a bug comes up in any of the games, you can expect a rapid response.

Customer Support and Payouts

How customer support and financials are dealt with by an online casino can tell you a lot about the reputation of the brand. Casino Action is dedicated to providing its players with high-quality support, with a 24/7 support line always open if you need to report an issue, have a question, or need assistance using the site. Their responsive, friendly customer advisors are always happy to deal with any problems.

Payments are handled quickly and securely; the average payout time is four days. Delays are rare, and if you’re unlucky enough to experience one, you can expect their customer service team to be on hand to help you get your money as quickly as possible.

With a large collection of exciting games, a user-friendly interface, friendly customer service reps and a secure payment system, Casino Action is an excellent option for players looking for a fun and trustworthy experience. So, is Casino Action a fake? Definitely not.

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