About Us

Hi there,

My name is Johnny Blom, I was born in Stockholm Sweden in 1982. I moved to Toronto Canada when I was 18 in search of a new experience after I met my Canadian girlfriend online. While there I got a job working in sales selling to Scandinavian countries.

To cut a long story short I made a lot of money and lost it all to an online casino scam, I played for 3 years continuously with an online casino called Casino Champion. You wont find any record of them now, they’re long gone but when I played with them i fully believed they were real and I had a fair chance of winning.

After 3 years they were exposed by an employee they treated badly and it came apparent that all the “jackpots” were fake and there was no real chance of winning, you got the occasional small win to keep you hooked but that was it. This was exposed on a casino forum. After 3 days the casino was gone, the forum was gone and almost every piece of evidence that they existed was gone. I lost close to $300,000.

That is my motivation for starting this website, my mission is to expose fake casinos, and casino scams. They exist, believe me. But I have yet to uncover one.

Stay with me and I will protect you.