Is Captain Cooks Casino Fake, Legit, or a Scam?

Captain Cooks is a trusted, legal, legitimate casino.


Can you trust Captain Cooks Casino?

Captain Cooks has been around for quite a while, and it’s one of the more prominent names in the world of online gambling at the moment. As can be expected, this kind of reputation carries a lot of weight with it, but unfortunately, it’s also attracted some negative attention to the casino, with various people attempting to attack its legitimacy. For all intents and purposes though, Captain Cooks remains one of the most solid players in this market.


Security is one of the most critical features of any online casino, regardless of its size, and it’s good to know that Captain Cooks are constantly putting active effort into maintaining an aura of safety around their services. All transactions are handled securely, only legitimate payment processors are used, and the company is shockingly effective at resolving conflicts and addressing problems in its security pipeline. They also have a reliable support team to handle customers’ issues, but more on that below.

Game Software and Review Process

Microgaming is behind the software games that are running on here, and considering the reputation of the company, this should already be a very positive sign for what one could expect from the casino. It goes beyond that though – all games are carefully checked and evaluated to ensure that they don’t have any hidden issues that might disappoint customers, and the casino takes everyone’s opinion into account on a regular basis. In other words, even if you do run into a problem with their services – which is already a low chance – you can expect it to get treated with the attention it deserves.

On the rare occasion that a bug comes up in any of the games, Captain Cooks has a history of always being on top of those issues and having a very open communication channel with its customers. This, as many of us know, is as important as the way they address those issues in the first place – having some official reassurance that things are being handled can make all the difference.

Customer Support and Payouts

How a casino handles their customer support can tell a lot about their overall service quality and reputability, and Captain Cooks, Grand Mondial, and Yukon Gold Casino have so far done a fantastic job at setting up a system that works well on all fronts. Their customer service reps are friendly and responsive, and it usually doesn’t take too long to reach a resolution to most problems.

Payouts are handled quickly and reliably, with no unexpected delays unless a security issue comes up. Even in those cases, the company’s representatives are usually quick enough to address the problem to ensure that you will get your money on time.

Captain Cooks is a name that will likely continue to receive a lot of attention. Potential customers who are worried that the casino may be a bit subpar with regards to its security and trustworthiness should take a look at the way their systems are set up and the responsiveness of their customer support, as the service is excellent on all those fronts.


  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Number of games: 550+
  • Software Provider: Microgaming
  • Captain Cooks Casino: Play Here!


How can I withdraw my winnings?

Captain Cooks Casino offers several different methods to withdraw your funds including MasterCard or Visa, Neteller, and Interac. You can check the full list of available methods on their website.

What are the odds of me winning any money?

The great news is that Captain Cooks Casino has one of the highest win rates in the industry, they advertise a 97% payout rate. Given this information, the chances of winning are actually really good!

What bonuses will I get when sign up?

Not only will you receive 100 chances on your 1st deposit, but you’re also eligible for an extra $475 in match bonuses over your subsequent four deposits:


  • Second Deposit – 100% match bonus (up to $100)
  • Third Deposit – 50% match bonus (up to $150)
  • Fourth Deposit – 25% match bonus (up to $125)
  • Fifth Deposit – 100% match bonus (up to $100)
Is Captain Cooks Casino legit?

Yes, it is! Captain Cooks Casino has been around for quite a while, and it’s one of the more prominent names in the world of online gambling at the moment.