Is Zodiac Casino Fake, Legit or a Scam?

Even though the Zodiac Casino has received its fair share of negative comments over the many years of its presence on the market, that’s practically inevitable in this field. Online casinos are held to very strict standards and it’s almost impossible to see a company go for a long time without any incidents. What truly matters is how they end up responding to those cases though, and so far, Zodiac Casino has given us every indication that they are serious about their trade.


The casino’s overall state of security is constantly being evaluated by a team of specialists looking for any possible loophole in the system. There have been few reported incidents of serious security issues, and in all of those cases the problem was handled with a very active approach by the company. And while the security measures put in place can occasionally feel a little annoying and restrictive, it’s a much better alternative compared to some casinos that give their users more freedom, but ultimately fail to protect their assets properly.

Game Software and Review Process

All games featured in the casino have gone through a thorough review process that ensures they comply with all quality standards enforced by the company. For this reason, it’s also not rare to see some games get removed due to various issues with their setup, although customers are usually warned in advance when this happens. The software backing the experience is a legitimate suite as well, as opposed to what can be found at some other casinos which rely on “homebrewed” solutions with questionable security practices in many cases.

Some users have expressed their suspicions towards the client software used by the company, but it’s constantly being evaluated for possible security risks, and is currently one of the best solutions in the entire industry. Many people are constantly keeping a watchful eye on it, so in case you’re worried about any security issues coming from that direction, you should be safe.

Customer Support and Payouts

And on that note, the quality of support you’ll get from Zodiac is on an excellent level, not just on par with competing casinos, but arguably even better in some regards. The company pays special attention to treating their customers right and ensuring that everyone is satisfied without any issues along the way, and it shows in their attitude towards help requests.

No users have reported any serious payout issues so far, save for the occasional hiccup related to incorrect payment details or something along those lines. With the company’s excellent support though, there’s little to worry about on this front.

That’s mostly in line with how the casino itself works as a whole, too – you can expect top notch customer support at every corner, and an overall strong attitude towards developing the experience and making it attractive to even more people. This attitude, and the casino’s overall low incident rate through the years, make it a top choice for those who want a safe and trustworthy experience, from new players to experienced ones.

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